EziMove Software for the Removal and Storage Industry


Do you have a great deal of experience in furniture removal and storage industry?

Are you considering to change your career to try something new that can utilise your experience?

If your answers are ‘Yes’ to the above questions.

Contact us to find out whether becoming EziMove reseller will be suitable for you.

Your previous experience gives you a prospective from which to understand the unique demands of removal and storage arenas.

If you are enthusiastic to help a diverse range of removal and storage enterprises manage their profitability, utilising the EziMove fully integrated modular software solution, EziMove welcomes you to join our reseller force.

If you have background of information systems and eager to resell EziMove, call us for an application form. Your relevant experience will certainly be an asset for installations range from smaller one terminal sites to large, networked multi-departmental sites, multi-location operations and franchises.

The EziMove software is extremely stable, but like any company reliant on technology, support will be required from time to time. Resellers offer around the clock support and they urge clients to utilise an EziMove maintenance contract for software support and to ensure they have access to the latest releases.

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